Steinegg Services

Crafting Excellence in Nelson

Nestled in the heart of Nelson, Steinegg Cabinets is dedicated to providing top-tier cabinetry and custom woodworking services. Our local presence allows us to intimately understand and cater to the unique needs of our community. At Steinegg Cabinets, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design to transform your space into something truly special.

Custom Cabinetry

We specialize in crafting unique, high-quality cabinets tailored to your specific needs and space. Our expertise includes kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces.

3D Design & Planning

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D modeling, we offer a virtual preview of your project, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

Professional Installation

Our skilled team provides efficient and precise installation services, ensuring a seamless integration of our products into your space.

Consultation & Collaboration

We work closely with homeowners, designers, and architects to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Custom Storage Solutions

Beyond cabinetry, we design and install custom closets, vanities, and unique storage solutions to optimize your living and working environments.

Residential Millwork

Crafting custom millwork solutions for homes, our services bring elegance and functionality to your personal spaces with meticulously designed woodwork.

Commercial Millwork

Elevating commercial spaces with precision-engineered millwork, we deliver custom solutions that blend aesthetic appeal with practicality for businesses of all sizes.

Architectural Millwork

Transforming architectural visions into reality with expertly crafted millwork, our team specializes in creating distinctive wood features that enhance any building’s character.